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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

today wednesday
assembly that time seriuosly hate them la..
call us go in front!
that girl also short wan la!

then joachim say things lo..
boring dao..
plus yuen yee leg pain leh!
so cham..

then bm got no teacher!
english got speech..
talking have to stand behind..
so lame..

finally break time liao..
didnt eat anything leh..
walk here walk there only..
after that science..
copy peka thingy..

then math
ms tan shout coz samson came in our class..
<3 came too^^
but didnt got scold la..

then lunch!
got nothing much also la..

then reading class liao..
puan woon call me go lecture..
i also duno wat happen leh..
then i go lo..
but it's chorus speaking leh..
i dunwan go!
i call kelvin go e..

after that art luu..
moody moody ler..

after skul,
go back home,
square face tell me fatty play badminton cha dao!
he say she take the badminton bag big big wan like professional like that
but while playing with wanchi lose!
go back sleep la you!
fatty got 6 and wanchi got 21..
think so..

just now chatting with oon tian
i told him about fatty^^

our chat
oon tian me

you suddenly looks so pretty
if u look like that then i wonder what happen to carynn

i didnt talk to her dy luuu

what happen?

that time
got girl call her go march pass
b4 that the girl ask me know who's john house wan
i surely will say carynn wan ma
then the girl call her go lo
she angry with me liao lo


she so lame la
like that also angry

now only u know
a lot of my frens against her liao lo
all support me wan

so she how now?
no friends liao lo

go mix with yan wen o

the end^^

that's all for today!

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