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third day of CNY
Friday, January 30, 2009

today so tired..
yesterday slept at 2 something..
so i woke up at 11..
early hor..
i didnt eat breakfast then eat lunch ady..
afternoon i stayed at home..
waiting for cousin to fetch us go watch movie..
some cousins went there first..
coz at home very sian..
i watched my aunts and uncles gambled..
then my cousin came and fetch us there..
5 of us watched bedtime stories..
3 of the others watch dai hei xi..
they say very funny..
but it's suitable for couples..
the bedtime stories so damn funny..
the kids are so cute!
especially the girl wan!
then at night felicia arrived..
she changed a lot..
she's **tt** now..
dun dare to write out..
then gamble for a while lo..
coz they came ma..
let them high for a while..

hope u all enjoy reading!

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